In 1974, Phil and Bob Zagone decided to make the best Halloween masks possible. They hired a young artist, Bill Ystrom, whose creativity and talent helped them realize their vision. They put Phil’s 3 sons – Phil Jr., Tony and Rich – to work, packing boxes and sweeping floors. The company they built became the industry leader in premium Halloween masks. Be Something Studios Halloween masks captured every style of Character; Creepy, Monsters, Zombies Scary and Goofy mask designs. Many of those classic designs are still sold on ebay today. On almost every internet Moster Mask Forum you can read about the extreme quality and artistry that has gone into every halloween mask BSS has ever made.

Today, Bill Ystrom (known as BY B.Y.), along with Rich, Tony, and Phil Zagone Jr., have joined to form Zagone Studios. Zagone Studios is producing the next generation of innovative and high-quality Halloween products including Halloween Costumes, Props and Novelties.

The team behind Zagone Studios (which includes BY B.Y.) includes
the people who brought you:

1974 - 1/2 latex, 1/2 ventilated fur fabric
1977 - 1/2 latex , 1/2 hood with Velcro
1983 - 1/2 latex with knit stocking hat
1987 - Moving latex on stretch fabric "sock"
1992 - Moving mouth latex with baseball cap
1993 - Elastic harness, full mouth movement
2005 - Short hair elasticized custom fit hairline